Swedish Massage

We are going to start off with a type of massage that can be a bit controversial because of the potential effects it can have on you.

Swedish massage is an infamous massage in the USA which involves usage of elbows, hands and forearms to control muscles and improve physical and mental health. In this type of massage, the person being massaged stretches out on a massaging table and is covered up using a sheet. Since the Swedish massage involves the whole body, aromatic oil or lotion is used to aid in smooth movement. A Swedish massage takes about sixty minutes but this solely depends on the client’s request. However, the Swedish massage cannot be administered to patients with the following disorders; Kidney disease, history of thrombosis, jaundice, undergone surgery recently and varicose veins.

Techniques of Swedish massage.

  • The first technique involves slithering caresses using the palm of your hands, thumbs or finger tips this is known as Effleurage.
  • The Petrissage technique which involves massaging using the fingers or hands.
  • Using circular forces with palm the hands, thumb or fingers in a technique known as friction.
  • Vibration technique. Movements which involves rapid body vibration.
  • Use of both passive and active movements i.e. bending and stretching.
  • Percussion Technique.

Benefits of Swedish massage.

  • Swedish massage offers relaxation and also boosts blood circulation. Being a relaxation massage, it decreases the amount of stress hormones being produced in the body thus causing the client to feel completely relieved, during and after the session.
  • The massage also offers pain relief and is used as a pain management technique for sport injuries and other chronic pain. Swedish massage aids in relieving pain from injuries such us a sprained ankle and more serious pains that come with conditions such as arthritis.
  • Swedish massage offers therapy for depression, anxiety and fatigue. The Swedish massage is recommended for rejuvenation because during the process, hormones responsible for happiness are released.
  • The therapy aids in correcting physical challenges e.g. loss of scar tissues. Swedish massage also aids in reducing constipation and stomach upsets.
  • Swedish massage is known to boost digestion and relieve stress by lowering the heart rate and also lowering insulin level.
  • The Swedish massage also helps in loosening tight muscles, relieving cramps, increasing muscle strength, calming the nervous system and tightening up the muscle and skin tone.

Side Effects of the Swedish massage.

Only a few side effects have been reported to be associated with the Swedish massage. However, if the massage is done intensely, it may cause high chances of acquiring injuries on the body. The massage also causes muscle pains, blood clotting and bleeding in the liver or any other vital organ. The massage might also cause discomfort for about 36 hours after it has been administered. Fatigue has also been witnessed by some of the clients who have undergone this massage.

Side effects of Swedish massage differ from one person to another depending on the intensity of the massage. Some of the techniques used in this massage e.g. the Percussion technique stimulate a lot of pressure to people causing exhaustion. What the client should also note is that the therapy should not be administered to anyone who has varicose veins.




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