Pre-Natal Massage

Ask any pregnant woman and she will tell you that the pregnancy period is no joke! From nausea to the cravings and later the fatigue, all this factors combine during pregnancy making the whole experience unbearable. What makes pregnancy even worse is that you have to endure all these cumbersome routines for a full nine months. The truth is that pregnancy humbles every woman since there is little you can do to avoid experiencing these elements. However, there are few ways that a pregnant woman can try and make life a bit comfortable.

One of the things that a woman can do during pregnancy to make life more bearable is taking a prenatal massage on a regular basis. A prenatal massage is more like the regular massage only that it is tailor-made to meet the needs of a pregnant woman. If you are a pregnant, believe it when I say that this massage will be worth your while.

Prenatal massage is usually carried out by a trained therapist and is mostly offered as a complement to prenatal care. The therapist always adjusts the massage technique depending on the particular need of the pregnant individual to optimize the exercise. One of the basic things that one is taught during the massage is how to lie on the therapy table. During pregnancy, lying on either your back or your stomach may be challenging. It is for this reason that the massage therapist uses a special kind of table that has hollowed out parts on the stomach area and has also a special head pillow. This set up ensures that the individual remains comfortable throughout the ordeal.

A prenatal massage offers several benefits to a pregnant woman. This is perhaps the reason for the rising popularity of this kind of massage among the pregnant women. Some of these benefits are mentioned bellow.

  1. Prenatal massage relieves headaches. By focusing on the head and shoulder regions, the therapist massages these areas to relief any pains. Migraines and other head related pains are eliminated by targeting specific points on the neck and facial muscles.
  2. Muscle pain relief. Carrying the extra weight during pregnancy causes a lot of pressure and stress on the muscles. Prenatal massage targets these muscles to relieve any tension and stress. Massage on the muscle regions triggers free blood circulation in these regions.
  3. Production of serotonin. This massage triggers the production of the serotonin hormone that helps counter normal pregnancy pains and aches.

Although the prenatal massage has a lot of accrued benefits, it is very important to seek the advice of a health practitioner. This is because women differ in that some have low-risk pregnancies and others have high-risk pregnancies. Undertaking the massage without a go-ahead from a qualified practitioner may pose a potential risk to your unborn baby.

Prenatal massage will not eliminate your woes, but it will make life a bit better. You do not want to curse your unborn bundle of joy because of the pains it is causing you. To the contrary, the pregnancy period should be a time of joy and appreciation for the blessing lying in your belly. Take charge of your pregnancy and seek out this massage.


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