Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy was once a preserve of upscale health clubs and luxury spas. Things have changed. People realized that apart from helping people unwind, massage also has many health benefits.

There are many ways of pressing, rubbing and manipulating muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments. Deep tissue massage is an intense but popular massage technique. In this technique, masseurs use slow, deliberate, and forceful strokes. They focus on the deeper layers of your muscle and connective tissue. They pay attention to painful, stiff spots in the body.

Deep massage therapy is less rhythmic than other kinds of massage. Yet, it’s therapeutic and is usually used to help people deal with muscle injuries. It can assuage chronic patterns of tension and assist with muscle injuries.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy was originally seen as a part of complementary and alternative medicine. Doctors are now recommending it as part of standard treatment for patients with a broad range of medical conditions. Here are five benefits of deep tissue massage.

  1. Reduces Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage is an efficient and inexpensive way to relieve chronic pain. Deep tissue massage techniques can increase the blood circulation in your body. Consequently, the therapy decreases the risk of painful inflammation. Deep massage also release tightly clustered tissues reducing muscle tension which is a leading cause of chronic pain. Deep tissue massage can reduce lower back pain, carpel tunnel pain, osteoarthritis, and tennis elbow pain.

  1. Naturalizes/Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

Deep massage can help stretch tight and twisted muscle mass. It can also ease the movement of toxins from the weak muscles. It relaxes the muscles, promotes healing and moderate the pain caused by injuries. For these reasons, deep massage is frequently used to naturalize sports injuries.

  1. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Deep tissue massage can lower systolic, diastolic and pressure. The massage therapy can help improve the production of the body’s serotonin and oxytocin. When your body produces more serotonin and oxytocin, you tend to be happier, and your outlook on life is more positive. The hormone helps decrease stress and tension, and this has a good effect on blood pressure.

  1. Breaks-up Scar Tissue

Deep tissue massage can help improve lymphatic circulation and drainage around injured spots. Due to this, the therapy can help break up and eventually erode scar tissue.

  1. Relieves Stress

Deep tissue massage can help relieve stress. This therapeutic massage can improve the production of relaxing hormones. It also helps one deal with pain and pain side effects, and this offers stress relief.

What to Expect During a Deep Tissue Therapy Session

During deep tissue massage, your masseur will try to find and focus on the knots and pain sources throughout your body. He needs to dig through layers of muscles and get to your connective tissues and deep muscle.

The first deep tissue massage session can be pretty painful especially if you work out regularly. Choose a skilled therapist and ask the masseur to be gentler if you can’t handle the pain. Eventually, your body will tolerate more pain. Remember it will improve blood flow to your muscles and weed out aches and pains.


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